Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What in the World do Med Students Do During Summers?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
So, as I'm sitting bored in my lab and browsing around random websites with not a thing to do (but hours to kill), I decided to write an article on what in the world medical students do during the summer!

1) Research - We're all still keeners and the most hardcore of us can't get away from the idea that we have to make our summers productive and useful to our careers. Best way to do so? Do research. The most hardcore medical students will get themselves into clinical research and then some will do benchtop research.

2) Volunteering - So all those who decided research wasn't for them but were still hardcore will volunteer overseas on medical trips. They get medical experience and get to see the world, what could be better?

3) Shadowing - Some people just decided to ditch any formal jobs or arrangements and just spend all summer shadowing doctors instead. Great ways to build connections and gain clinical experience. Unfortunately not the best way to make money.

4) Working at high paying jobs - We all know research pays crap. Tons of us decide to just make a huge sum of money to tackle the debt. Often these jobs have nothing to do with medicine and are construction, serving jobs.

5) Travel for Kicks and Giggles - While there are still a lot of us that are hardcore, tons of people just decided to 'screw it' and see the world, not to volunteer or to be keen, but just for fun. It's one of the last summers you will ever get so why spend it working?

6) Nothing - Couch, beer, chips, tv.


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