Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Moon (A Change-Up for Once: Non-Medical Post!)

Sunday, December 13, 2009
So, I am ashamed to say, all the hype going around tempted me to go see New Moon. The story is kind of unique (*dodges the stones hurled by my readers), but I must say, I hate spending money and time on a movie and watching something that pisses me off. (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

The entire movie, I felt so frustrated and unfulfilled - for lack of a better word. The entire movie, things start happening, but they never quite happen, even though you keep on anticipating it happening. For instance, Edward never ever fully kisses Bella, you just see them sort of dodge around it for a bit. Then it got even worse near the end when you had to wait a few seconds between every single word that Edward was saying. Additionally, the same sort of thing happened with Jacob and Bella. He just keeps going for her, but you just keep watching her dodge around the relationship and acting all angsty.

Also, I really don't understand why Edward would commit suicide without confirmation of anything. Really, some random guy in Bella's house told him over the phone that her Dad was making preparations for a funeral. Why would he not verify it was Bella who died before doing what he did? Perhaps it was her grandmother, mother, etc...

I shall probably return to medical posts on my next one. Just thought I'd put this short post out there for all the New Moon hype.

PS: I think Ashley Greene (the actress that plays Alice) is totally the hottest girl in the movie.


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