Thursday, December 3, 2009

We're at 8% MD, how time flies!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random video I found on another medblogger's site (this guy's graduated and that was his commencement speech, if you want to see his original blog, visit here)

The speech gives one the impression of the enormous amount of memories and of the learning that we are all going to do throughout our years. Although my class has just started med school, we've already had various moments that will live long in the classes' memories and there has already been much bonding amongst classmates. We're all going through an adventure together (we're stuck for 8 grueling hours a day together - by the end of this I will have adopted a severe addiction to all types of caffeinated beverages), as a tight knit group and I think we can't help but make some of the closest friends we ever will have here. There is so much culture, and so many great people in our class that I'm excited to see where life is going to take us!

Med school is a completely different environment then undergrad (well at least my undergrad experience). In undergraduate, I was one of the 500 students in an Organic Chemistry course. I wouldn't even get the same seat every time and the people around me would change every single day. I got to meet a few friends, but in science there really was no culture or any real memories at all. You were just one straw in the haystack and nobody knew who you were.


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